Western Canada Region

Welcome to the Western Canada Region. Our members gather for Region-wide events year-round and also enjoy hosting events in the Alberta or British Columbia Chapters, each of which has a Chapter Board of Directors and a full event calendar.

Western Canada Region Chapters are:

Alberta, defined as those members who reside in the following zip codes: T0J 0B0, T0L 0K0, T0L 0X0, T0L 1W0, T0L1W0, T1K 6Z7, T1M 1P1, T1W 2Y1, T2A 0C6, T2A 2N6, T2B 1C9, T2E 6Y9, T2E 7C8, T2G 4Y8, T2G 4Y8, T2G 4Y8, T2J 1C4, T2J 1R8, T2J 2T9, T2J 4Z9, T2L 1K3, T2L 0Y2, T2M 3L2, T2M 3L2, T2M 3L2, T2M 4J7, T2M 4J7, T2M 4J7, T2M 4L5, T2N 0P9, T2N 1C9, T2N 1N1, T2N 1X7, T2N 1X7, T2N 1X7, T2N 3W2, T2N 4N7, T2P 3T9, T2P3T9, T2T 0H6, T2T 0R2, T2T 0X7, T2T 1B8, T2T 1P8, T2T 1R6, T2T 1S6, T2T 2K4, T2T 2X2, T2T 3E2, T2V 2C3, T2V 2G3, T2V 4B8, T2V 4M6, T2V 5E8, T2W 1S2, T2W 4K7, T2W 4S4, T2W 4V8, T2X 0A6, T2Y 3T9, T2Y2x5, T2Y4V9, T2Z 0N6, T3A 5N5, T3A 6E6, T3A2M9, T3B 6A2, T3C 2M4, T3E 3L2, T3E 7N2, T3E 7N2, T3E 7N2, T3E 7N6, T3E 7T2, T3G 3P1, T3G 5K2, 3G 6A5, T3G1L6, T3H 0H6, T3H 0H6, T3H 0H6, T3H 0J6, T3H 0P1, T3H 2G8, T3H 2W2, T3H 2X7, T3H 5H3, T3H 5R6, T3H 5Z3, T3H-3X3, T3K 0H4, T3L 1X1, T3L 2P7, T3L 2R2, T3M 0B5, T3N 0J7, T3R 1C7, T3Z 0A3, T3Z 1E1, T3Z 2Z3, T3Z 3M1, T4B-2A4, T4C 0A9, T4C 0B5, T4L 1X3, T4R 0M4, T5K 0W8, T5KI0P, T5R 3Y8, T5R 3Y8, T5R 3Y8, T5Y3M6, T6G 2A8, T6G 2B5, T6G 2B5, T6G 2B5, T6J 6X3, T6K-2H1, T6L-6J5, T6R 0J4, T7R 2X1, T7Y 1B8, T8B 1A4, T8B 1N3, T8E 2G1, T8N 0X2, T8N 5K5, T8T 0B9, T8W 2G7, V2C 6P8 and V6J 3H1.

British Columbia, defined as those members who reside in the following zip codes:  V0N 1B0, V1M 3J3, V1M 3X7, V1V 1S2, V1V 3E1, V1W 3S9, V2R 0K7, V2R 3J1, V2R 3J1, V2R 3J1, V2X 9C2, V3H 3R4, V3H 4R2, V3H 4T9, V3H4T9, V3J 1Y3, V3K 5N3, V3K 6X9, V3S 9T6, V3S 9T6, V3S 9T6, V3V 7K5, V3W 0N5, V3Z 9T6, V3Z 9W1, V4A 9V6, V4A 9V9, V4B 1A8, V4B 5J5, V4B 5J5, V4B 5J5, V4K 3S2, V4N 0L5, V4N 4Y1, V4T 1A7, V5A 2C8, V5A 2C8, V5A 2C8, V5B 1X5, V5G 4P4, V5H 4B6, V5J 4V6, V5R 0A1, V5R 0A1, V5R 0A1, V5T 0C7, V5T 2E3, V5Y 0B7, V5Z 0B7, V5Z 0B7, V5Z 0B7, V6B 2Z4, V6B 5Z3, V6B OJ1, V6K 1G8, V6L 3C8, V6M 1C1, V6M 3N2, V6M3C1, V6P 5S5, V6R 2G3, V6R 2H4, V6R 3B3, V6T 1S6, V6T 1W7, V6X 3M7, V6Y 2X9, V6Y 3W8, V7B 1C5, V7L 1H3, V7L 3T1, V7R 3C9, V7S 1M8, V7S 3E1 V7S 3E1, V7S 3E1, V7T 0A1, V7V 1G7, V7V 2J9, V7V 3C4, V7V 3E4, V7W 3E8, V8L 2S4, V8R 3S7, V8R 3S7, V8R 3S7, V9L 2C9, V9N 9S3 and V9Z 0Z4.

Western Canada Region members who do not reside within a Chapter boundary are welcome at any Chapter activity in addition to any Region activities.

Canadian FCA Chapters do not have additional Region dues.

For additional information you can email the Region Director or any Chapter President by clicking here or by rolling your mouse over the Region map or specific Chapter you are interested in to use the pop up form